Book Review: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (5/5)

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The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

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The Daily Tangled Inkspill: Short Story Excerpt/Scene: Not Real

I was five the first time they told me I was Not Real. Hansel, who liked to play teacher back then, had been teaching me about ink. I knew all about paper: the textures, the million shades of white, the way my brothers glued it into perfectly still stacks within the leather covers.

“…and the day you start to see ink, I’ll teach you how to read.”

“Read?” I said excitedly. I’d seen Hansel and our older brothers hunched over the books for hours, immersed by what they called “reading.”

“But the day you see ink is the day you start to carry our burdens,” Hansel warned. “You must start slow…too many stories here, too much pain…You see, each book in the Library is the story of one individual, one entire life.”

“Do have a book, too?”

“Silly!” laughed Hansel. “We don’t have lives. We’re Not Real, Michael.”


Rating System

I use a 5-pt scale, with .5′s. The minimum a book can get is a 1 and the max is a 5. All the books on my Favorites page are 5′s.

1 — Terrible. Or just not the book for me. I’m thinking “well, this is annoying” the whole time I’m reading it

1.5 — I obviously did not like it.

2 — It might have had a couple of redeeming features.

2.5 — It had potential, but just did not meet expectations.

3 — All right, but I won’t read it again.

3.5 — Some parts may have been good, but it wasn’t as good as it could have been.

4 — Pretty good.

4.5 — Almost perfect.

5 — This is a book that absolutely became a part of my soul and I will add it to my favorite’s shelf

Camp NaNoWriMo Update: Day 7

All righty folks. I added in the beginning chapter that I’d written before camp began (I think that’s ok since it’s…you know, kind of an essential part of the novel) and hammered out some 1000 words and my word count is now at: 3425 words!

Contemplations: A lot of my writing is word vomit at this point. I think Camp NaNoWriMo’s no-edit rule will be good for me. It’ll make me blast out half a novel without thinking much about the intricate word choices and stylistic preferences. It’ll be a really terrible first draft of a novel (which means I will have accomplished my goal), but it’ll give me something to work with. And that’s what I need, isn’t it? I need something to work with.

My buddy Inkspelt is at 3000 words as well. We are both doing internships this summer (our introduction to the 9 to 5 world that awaits us soon in the adult world.) Inkspelt drafts during her internship and writes a little bit at home each day. When I heard the word draft, I kind of panicked. DRAFT? Oh dear…I don’t draft.

I just word-vomit onto the word document. Yes, it’s a rough draft…but I think my rough draft is extremely rough. At times, I just insert a certain plot point that should happen (even bullet points!). I’m also writing the whole half-novel in one word document. I usually separate things out by chapters and meticulously edit/outline each chapter. I’m being far crazier at camp, and I think we’ll see what the results are.

How is your journey at camp coming along? Are you outlining? And where is your draft on the polished to very rough continuum? What are you writing about? Post me a comment below and lemme know!

Update: ALL the books on my list


Netgalley Titles

  1. Thin Space
  2. The People in the Trees
  3. Peregrine Harker and the Black Death
  4. Parallel Heart
  5. The Boy Who Could See Demons
  6. Aimless Love
  7. For the Good of Mankind
  8. Born to Blog
  9. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
  10. The Heart of the Matter
  11. Unexplained Fevers
  12. Gene Keys
  13. Sons of Liberty
  14. Amandine
  15. The Goddess in Every Girl
  16. Eat Move Sleep
  17. The Best of Connie Willis
  18. PS – You’re Invited

Creative Kids

  1. The Books of Elsewhere #1
  2. The Dark Unwinding

Leisure Books (Not Obligated to Review)

  1. Timeless (won from Figment contest)
  2. Timekeeper (won from Figment contest)
  3. Change Anything (library book)
  4. Dragon Slippers (library book)
  5. Leviathan #1 (library book)
  6. How to Find an Agent (library book)
  7. Violet Raines Almost Got Struck by Lightning (ordered from Amazon)
  8. Reckless (ordered from Amazon)
  9. another library book…I forgot the title of…
  10. The Tragedy Paper (won from Figment contest)
  11. The Wind in the Willows (recommended by a friend)
  12. Angels and Demons (recommended by a friend)
  13. The Da Vinci Code (recommended by a friend)
  14. The Lost Symbol (recommended by a friend)
  15. Inferno (recommended by a friend)

Camp Nanowrimo Update: Day 5

It’s midnight. Technically it should be Day 4, but I’ll respect the courtesy of time standards.

I’m at 1357 words (wrote em all from 10 PM today to 12:24 AM.) I’m a late starter, but I have set my goal at 25,000 words. So hopefully I’m well on my way.

Goodnight! See you tomorrow (maybe). How’s your journey coming along? Leave me a comment below and lemme know!

Camp NaNoWriMo: Shout-Out to the Campers


Guess what I signed up for with my fellow bloggers Inkspelt and bluelazuli? Yes…that’s right! *Drumroll* Camp NaNoWriMo 2013! We am going to camp!

Camp NaNoWriMo’s goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of July. Technically, though, it doesn’t have to be 50,000 words. On the website, you can set your own goals. Idk if I should aim as high as 50,000. Maybe 25,000? My fellow blogger, Inkspelt, has set a realistic goal at ~ 17,000. See, all three of us campers are also doing full day internships this summer… We do have real lives. Much as I would love to live in my own world forever, I unfortunately do have to plan out my reality-life (college and career) accordingly so that I do not become a starving artist ten years in the future…

So any fellow campers out there? What’s your goal? What time of day do you write? When do you write? Leave a comment below and lemme know!

On my writing blog, Tangled Inkspills, I’ll be documenting my journey this month. Hopefully it’s semi-successful.

NaNoWriMo: Transferring to My Writing Side-Blog

I think I’ll keep Remembering Wonderland as chiefly a book review and book blog. I’m transferring my NaNoWriMo July 2013 journey over to my side blog, Tangled Inkspills — my poetry, prose and writing journey blog. Follow me on Tangled Inkspills and watch me write furiously/have fun/lose sleep/increase my caffeine intake over the month of July!

Privacy of Sharing/Blogging One’s Writing?

My writing is very personal to me. I mean, I submit to contests and magazines all the time, and I have no qualms about showing my writerly buddies. But I’m feeling some anxiety about sharing it on the internet, where my identity may or may not be connected to my writing in the future.

What about you? Do you ever post poetry, prose, or your writing endeavors on a public blog?