Book Review: Seraphina by Rachel Hartman (2/5)

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 2.30.30 PM

Rating: 2 Stars

Target: Fantasy YA

Category: Not the Story for Me

Review: In many ways, Seraphina was revolutionary. It rebelled against the YA genre and against the stereotypical representations of dragons. And what’s more – we have a strong female protagonist (until she falls in love…). Half-dragon musical prodigy Seraphina works for the court musician. When a murder happens in the castle, everybody thinks the assassin must have been a dragon.

The world and the representation of dragons is interesting. I liked the small touches – dragons like higher order mathematics (the closest they have to a religion), the little boy Fruit Bat never speaks but is so expressive, and Lars has a distinct accent.

            However, the storyline of Seraphina didn’t make the cut for me. The pacing felt misplaced. The plot sagged and needed some strong emotional nails to hammer it into place. There was a lot of potential for “stakes” to be set up, but they weren’t. I wasn’t drawn into the emotional studies of the characters. In addition, the love interest Prince Lucian Kiggs failed to be interesting, had a fiancé throughout this whole book, and felt like a nuisance. To put it bluntly, Kiggs annoyed me a lot. She just has a couple of conversations with Kiggs and she’s in love? What…

Writely thoughts: scenes that touched me: she feels like a stranger in her own home, the hug with Lars where he calls her “little sister,” and the hug with the little boy Fruit Bat


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